Spontaneous Problems

New Spontaneous Problems

Verbal Problem Bubble Gate (new)

Verbal Problem King Purrsalot (new)

Verbal Problem Never Have I Ever (new)

Verbal Problem What Goes Up Must Come Down (new)

Verbal – If You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scrath Yours

Verbal – Up A Creek Without A Paddle

Verbal – Smell the Roses

Verbal – Black and White

Verbal – Up and Down

Verbal – Hot Potato

Verbal – Christmas Hide and Seek

Verbal- What Do You Do With That

Verbal – It’s Nice to Be Nice

Verbal – The Chameleon

Verbal – Pinterest For Omer

A Piece of Cake

Verbal – Wacky House

Verbal – It All Adds Up

Verbal – Fish Out of Water

Verbal – Fast Forward

Verbal – Christmas for Omer

 Verbal – Rolling Along

Verbal – Historical Facebook

Verbal – Let’s Do The Twist

Verbal-Dumb as a Rock

Verbal – Turn It Up

Verbal – Odyssey Costume Party

Verbal – STATE of Confusion

Verbal – Many Ways to Crack an Egg

Verbal – Clean Slate

Verbal – Double Up

Verbal – Tall Tales

Verbal – What Is It

Verbal – Omer to the Rescue

Verbal-Happy Heroes

Verbal – Rhyme Time

Verbal – Why Did the Team Cross the Road

Verbal-Where in the World is Omer Sandiego

Verbal – Global Warming

Verbal – Inside Out

Verbal – Blast From the Past


Verbal Hands On – Color It In

Verbal Hands On – Extreme Makeover: Odyssey Edition

Verbal Hands On – New Location

Verbal Hands On – Coming Attractions

Verbal Hands On – Combo Improv

Verbal Hands On – New Uses

Verbal Hands On – Breaking News

Verbal Hands On – Combination Improv

Verbal Hands On – Time Capsule

Verbal Hands On – Night at the Museum

Verbal Hands-On – One Mans Trash…

Verbal Hands On – Pipe Cleaner Improv

Hands On – Crossing The Line

Hands On – Sort It Out

Hands On – Bowling Odyssey Style

Hands On – The Split Up

Back Together Again

Hands On – Omer’s Delivery Service

Hands On – Don’t Hate, Communicate

Hands On – Make It Fit

Pair ‘Em Up

Hands On – Long Arm

Hands On – Bucket Ball

Hands-on – Moving Along

Hands-On – Push It To the Limits

Hands On – Set It Free

Hands On – Balancing Act

Hands On – Ricochet

Hands On – Hidden Treasure

Archive of 2010-11 Spontaneous Problems



13 Responses to Spontaneous Problems

  1. Susan Kral says:

    Wow, your website and spontaneous problems are great. Love the variety of spontaneous problems and the “For Judges Only” section of each. More than one coach is using your website as a resource.

    Good luck to your teams going to Maryland!

    Sarasota Christian School
    Sarasota, FL

    • Susan,

      Thanks so much for your compliments! Glad to know teams are using the problems I’ve written. I plan to get a few more up on the site before World Finals!

      Thanks again,


      Allen Ball
      Association Director
      TN Odyssey of the Mind

  2. Lorna Calaway says:

    These are super spontaneous practice problems! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Amanda says:

    Great job! I really love these problems and am planning on using them in my classroom to encourage mroe creative thinking!

  4. Darci Craven says:

    Thanks for the fun new ideas,
    Darci Jo Craven, DSM Iowa

  5. Deanna (from Singapore) says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the ideas. Love using it with the teams.

  6. Alison says:

    This is a terrific resource. Thank you for posting all of these problems. Omers are the best!

  7. Michelle Turnwald says:

    I love your spontaneous problems. Thank you so much. I did the Odyssey Bowling style with my division 2 team & my division 3 team. Neither of the teams came up with a good solutions. What are your thoughts on solving this problem. Thanks again.

  8. Kirthika says:

    Neat! Thanks for the examples!

  9. Dawn says:

    Thank you so much! I am a first time coach of a very young team. These problems are so diverse, it really helps us to see all the possibilities for spontaneous.

  10. Amy says:

    Thank you so much for the great spontaneous resources! I like yours best of all because they use the “standard” language and I think that really helps the teams get accustomed to the process. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are getting ready to do a spontaneous workshop for all of our teams next Saturday and these problems are a big help!

  11. Nikki says:

    Thanks! These are all great ideas. I am planning on using this as a boost.

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